The brand new rising star on BSC yield farming! Earn UNOWN through yield farming! You can also win them in the Lottery and then stake it in Pools to earn even more tokens! Initial Farm Offerings, NFTs

Main features

Anti-bot mechanism:

We implemented a harvest lockup, this is a rewards lockup mechanism used to limit the harvest frequency. With this feature we prevent the permanent harvesting and selling made by bots.

Liquidity Lock

Dev liquidity will be locked for 3 months in the safest provider: UNICRYPT.


  • 2% transfer tax will be implemented. This tokens will be sent to a blackhole address inmediately.
  • Manual burns will tak place when needed.

Referral Program

We want UNOWN holders to benefit from the platform growth. So we developed an on-chain referral program. Inviters will earn 1% of his friends earnings, forever!

No Migrator Code

We removed the migrator code, so there’s no way devs can withdraw staked LP’s. Your funds are SAFU.

Audited contracts

No hesitating, our UNOWN PreSale and token contract were audited by Anchainai. Once presale ends, and Masterchef is deployed, its contract will be audited by TechRate.
Audit links:
Pre Sale audit:
Token Audit:


Timelock will be added after masterchef is deployed.


No proxy is added on the implementation.
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